Harajuku Girl in Rock Style w/ Hypercore, ACDC Rag, Hellcat Punks & Demonia

Lemon is a 15-year-old Japanese high school student who we often see around the streets of Harajuku on weekends.

Lemon’s kawaii rock-inspired street style features a hoodie she bought online over a graphic hoodie from the Harajuku brand Hypercore over a UNIQLO top, a zipper skirt from Glavil, knee socks, and Demonia platforms. Accessories – which came from Fantasy Room, Claire’s, and Hellcat Punks – include fuzzy ears, a leather choker, silver rings, a tie, several necklaces including a plush tiger pouch, and an ACDC Rag panda backpack.

Lemon’s favorite Japanese fashion brands include Hypercore and Hellcatpunks. She listens to music by Dempagumi.inc, Momoiro Clover Z, and other idol groups. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram for her updates.

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