Harajuku Shironuri in Alice Auaa, PureOne Corset Works & Latex Gloves

Akira is a Japanese shironuri who caught our eye on the street in Harajuku. She told us that she works in the apparel business.

In addition to her shironuri makeup, Akira’s look features a red dress from Alice Auaa over a Grimoire top with a TECO corset from PureOne Corset Works (P.C.W), skinny jeans by H&M, and patent ABC Mart shoes. Accessories include black latex gloves (which may be part of the top), a flower headdress, and a metal-adorned Coach purse.

Akira’s favorite designer is Alexander McQueen and she enjoys the music of Malice Mizer. For more info and pictures, find her on Twitter or Instagram.

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