Harajuku Girl in Twin Tails w/ Sukajan Backpack & Denim Overalls

Meet Nori, a 16-year-old student we snapped in Harajuku. She is wearing braided twin tails.

Her jacket is from the Harajuku vintage shop Flamingo, her t-shirt and overalls are from Chicago (another popular Tokyo resale shop), and her sneakers are by GU. Her “cool dragon” backpack – made from a Japanese souvenir jacket – is from Kinji, as is her hearts choker.

Souvenir jackets (sukajan) are trendy right now, but Harajuku kids often wear backpacks. The backpacks cover up the design on the back of the souvenir jacket. Kinji Harajuku solved this problem by cutting up souvenir jackets and making them into backpacks – allowing the design to be on the outside rather than hidden.

Nori likes shopping at Kinji and San to Nibun no Ichi and she’s a fan of Silent Siren. You can visit her on Twitter and Instagram for regular updates.

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