Harajuku Squad Eclectic Street Fashion w/ H&M, Comme des Garcons, Kinji, Reebok, Fred Perry, 032c, Balenciaga & Ambush

In Harajuku street, we came across a group of guys wearing streetwear styles that caught our eye. From left to right, they are: 17-year-old Ren, 16-year-old Kentaro, 17-year-old Yuya, and 16-year-old Argene. Let’s take a peek at their styles:

Sporting a purple bandana from Daiso tied around his head, Ren is wearing a Versace cutout leather vest with fringes, a white t-shirt from H&M, pleated dress pants from Comme des Garcons, Kinji leather shoes, and a Gucci handbag. Ren likes to shop at Kinji, and he listens to the music of South Korean boy band, iKon. Ren is active on Instagram, follow him!

Next is Kentaro, who is wearing vintage items such as a floral ruffle shirt over a pinstripe button down shirt, navy blue pants, and leather ankle booties. He accessorized with blue beaded earrings and a floral print necktie. Kentaro is active on Instagram.

Yuya’s green outfit features a ribbed top with diagonal stripes over a teal ruffle long sleeve shirt with sheer sleeves, both of which are from Kinji. A neon green skirt over teal trackpants from Reebok, and platform white sneakers. His accessories include Daiso neon disc earrings, a neon green belt, and a woven fringe bag from Kinji. His favorite fashion labels are Kinji, Apollo and Thrift Tokyo. Follow him on Instagram.

And lastly at the far right, Alan is wearing a Fred Perry collar shirt with yellow collar trim, an o32c Motocross long sleeve flames print shirt, purple pants from Needles, and a Nike Air Force 1 sneakers. A Balenciaga cap and an Ambush lighter holder necklace completes Alan’s look. Alan’s favorite fashion brand is Balenciaga, he loves to shop at resale stores, and he likes hip hop music.

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