Harajuku Squad in Kawaii Fashion w/ Pastel Hair, Spank! & My Little Pony

We spotted Meri, Nachuking, Leo, and Honoka walking down the street in Harajuku together. Their kawaii street styles and fun attitudes easily stood out from the Harajuku crowds.

Meri – on the left – is wearing a polka dot top from Spank! Tokyo with a resale polka dot midi skirt and black high top Converse platform sneakers. She’s also wearing pastel cross earrings and carrying a pink tote bag. Follow Meri on Instagram for more pictures.

Nachuking – with the polka dot hair bow and pastel hair – is wearing a long sheer jacket from Panama Boy Harajuku over a Yakusoku t-shirt, lace-trimmed shorts from the popular Tokyo resale shop New York Joe Exchange, and Converse sneakers with pink ribbon laces. Her colorful kawaii accessories are from Kiki and Spank and her cute Teddy Bear bags are handmade. Nachuking’s favorite brands include Spank! Tokyo, Kiki, Daisy, and New York Joe Exchange. Her favorite musical group is Kanjani8. Find Nachuking on Instagram for daily updates.

Leo is wearing a “Princess Sparkle” My Little Pony t-shirt over another shirt, resale cuffed pants, and pastel sneakers. His favorite fashion brands include Milkboy and Vivienne Westwood. Check out Leo’s personal Instagram.

Honoka – on the right with silver pastel hair – is wearing a vintage camisole from the Tokyo boutique The Virgin Mary over a t-shirt, satin pants from Flamingo Harajuku, and used Vans sneakers. Accessories include glasses, a graphic tote bag, and a tassel belt. Honoka’s favorite fashion is vintage and she likes the music of Shampoo. Find her on Instagram for more pictures and info.

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