Harajuku Staffer in HEIHEI Streetwear Style w/ Braided Tails, Butterfly Earrings, Detached Collar, Dragon Shirt, Leopard Knee Socks & Tokyo Bopper Sneakers

While out and about on the streets of Harajuku we saw Maimai, a 23-year-old shop staff we often feature on our street snaps.

Sporting blonde braided tails, Maimai stepped out in a purple oversized t-shirt with embroidered dragon stitching from HEIHEI. She styled her shirt with a leopard print detached collar with plaid prints and plaid bow, also from HEIHEI, slipped into leopard print knee-high socks and stepped into a pair of red and white Tokyo Bopper sneakers. Purple butterfly earrings, a silver knuckle ring and a leopard print crossbody bag with red plaid accents from HEIHEI completed her ensemble.

Check out Maimai’s style feed on Instagram.

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