Eclectic Harajuku Street Fashion w/ Freak City, Gwen Stefani x Roukeys, Moschino, Funktique, M.Y.O.B., Pinnap & Current Mood

While walking along the Harajuku street, we met blue-haired Shoushi and Ryo. Let’s take a look at what they’re wearing:

Shoushi’s ensemble features a white “I Know We’re Cool” 1990s Gwen Stefani t-shirt from Roukeys, a red Louis Vuitton print skirt from Freak City, fishnet stockings, red boots from Funktique Tokyo, and a Moschino chain mini handbag. Accessories include a yellow beret from M.Y.O.B., Pinnap sunglasses, a Supreme choker and Playboy chain necklace from Freak City. Shoushi’s favorite brand is Freak City and their favorite music brand/artist is Brooke Candy. Check out Shoushi on Instagram or Twitter

Ryo is wearing an oversized printed t-shirt from Freak City, grommet track pants which he bought in Korea, lace up zipper boots from Current Mood, and a flame print handbag from Moschino. His accessories include a black cap and sunglasses from Dolls Kill. Ryo said he likes the music of Maroon 5. Follow him on Instagram.

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