Harajuku Street Styes w/ Christopher Nemeth Rope Print, Nest Robe, Pinnap, Billion, Dolls Kill, Alexander McQueen, Rick Owens & TokyoHumanExperiments

While walking the Harajuku streets one evening, we came upon this trio of teens, whose matching monochrome and denim streetwear styles easily caught our eye.

At the left is Elena Kendall, a 17-year-old model whose outfit features a white rope print t-shirt from Christopher Nemeth, worn underneath denim overalls from Nest Robe. She slipped into black leather sneakers from Rick Owens, accessorized with items from Alexander McQueen and Tokyo Human Experiments such as silver hoop skull earrings and silver stacked rings. In addition, Elena is toting a red sling bag with silver chain strap and bag details from Stella McCartney. For more on Elena, check her out on Twitter and Instagram.

Beni – at the middle – is dressed in a white cropped top with a red scorpion print from Billion, Pinnap flared denim pants with contrast white stitching, and platform lace-up booties from Dolls Kill. The 17-year-old student donned accessories such as a leather o-ring choker and a long black grommet belt. A large black sling bag with white ART letters printed finished off her street style. For more of her streetwear styles, follow Beni on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Shota – an 18-year-old student – stepped out in white monochrome print ensemble from Christopher Nemeth. His outfit consists of a white t-shirt with a rope print center, loose leg cropped khaki trousers with rope prints, white socks and black leather lace-up shoes. Shota styled his outfit with a grey tote bag from Rick Owens, and accessories such as a rope print newsboy cap from Christopher Nemeth, layered necklaces, a silver barb wire bracelet, and multiple skull and spider knuckle rings from Tokyo Human Experiments. Shota’s fashion favorite is the iconic Christopher Nemeth, and he is also active on Twitter and Instagram.

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