Harajuku Street Style w/ Blonde Ringlets, Bow Headdress, Floral Print Dress, Apron Skirt, Satsuski Amamiya Bear Bag, Millna, Cold Sleep & GU Ballerina Flats

While we were out walking the streets in Tokyo, we came across Hime Rika, a 25-year-old web designer who easily caught our eye with her blonde ringlets and striking ensemble.

Hime Rika stepped out in a vintage blue floral print dress with 3/4 sleeves and lace trims, which she styled with a cream-colored apron skirt with a scalloped hem. White ankle socks with floret embellishments and lace ruffles, black patent leather ballerina flats from GU, and a teddy bear plushie bag from Satsuski Amemiya. Accessories – some of which are from Millna – include a floral print headdress, a beaded tassel necklace, beaded bracelets and multiple cute cocktail rings finished off her style.

Hime Rika loves to shop at HEI HEI, and her favorite musicians are Perfume and Suchmos. Check her out on Twitter and Instagram.

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