Harajuku Street Style w/ Pink-Tipped Hair, Layered Remake Shirts, Layered Denim Pants, Studded Waist Bag, Eytys, Never Mind the XU & BlackMeans Knuckle Duster

While walking along the streets of Harajuku one late afternoon, we came across Shunsuke, a 20-year-old fashion college student whose interesting ensemble and pink-tipped hair easily caught our eye.

Shunsuke stepped out in a resale grey linen blazer decorated with green badges, which he wore over a remake blue button down shirt and layered with a blue long sleeve shirt with white pinstripes. He tucked his shirts into layered remake black and green denim pants, and finished off his outfit with black leather zipper shoes from Eytys. He accessorized his look with a single chain earring, multiple silver knuckle rings, a silver chain from Never Mind the XU, and a black knuckle duster from BlackMeans. In addition, he is wearing a remake black DVV waist bag with spiked stud accents strapped across his chest.

Dog Harajuku and 99%IS- are two of Shunsuke’s favorite fashion brands, and he likes the music of Sex Pistols. For more of Shunsuke’s streetwear styles, follow him on Instagram.

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