Harajuku Streetwear Fashion w/ L.T., Dog Harajuku, Reebok & Pin Nap

Takuro is a 19-year-old Bunka fashion college student who is a regular feature on our street snaps for his streetwear styles.

Today, Takuro’s outfit features a used vest from Bunny Store over a green t-shirt from L.T. (Little Tokyo boutique in Harajuku), graphic pants from Dog Harajuku, and black Reebok sneakers. His accessories include sunglasses from Pin Nap, single earring, eyebrow piercings, a ballchain O-ring zipper necklace from L.T., a belt, and multiple silver rings.

His favorite fashion brands are L.T., Dog Harajuku and Sullen. Takuro is active on Twitter and Instagram, follow his social media updates!

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