Harajuku Streetwear Looks w/ The Symbolic Tokyo, Vans, Chrome Hearts, Sly, Alexander Wang & Amijed

While walking in Harajuku, we met S.you and Emu, a model. Let’s take a look at their street style outfits.

At the left, S.you’s outfit features a striped shirt under a cropped denim jacket from The Symbolic Tokyo, deconstructed track pants, also from The Symbolic Tokyo, and checkerboard sneakers from Vans. His accessories include gold hoop earrings, and multiple silver rings, some of which are from Chrome Hearts. S.you’s favorite fashion brand/shop is Bit Moon Near. He is active on Instagram.

Emu’s ensemble consists of a t-shirt from Sly, pinstripe pants from Alexander Wang, and Vans slip-ons. Her accessories include oversized eyeglasses and multiple rings and midi rings, from Chrome Hearts and Amijed. Emu’s favorite brands/shops are Bit Moon Near and Amijed. Follow Emu on Instagram.

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