Dark Harajuku Streetwear Styles by OY, Drinkscancode, Legenda, From K To All, I Am Not A Human Being, Another Youth & Codona De Moda

While walking along the streets of Harajuku one everning, we met this trio of Japanese students who caught our eye with their black streetwear fashion styles.

At the left is 19-year-old Yuta, who is sporting a black bomber jacket from OY, whiche he wore over a black mock neck shirt with side pocket details, and black drawstring pants with contrast trim and zipper pockets from Drinkscancode. Black socks, and black Puma sneakers completed his look. Yuta’s favorite brand is Cannabis and he likes the music of Nujabes. Follow Yuta on Instagram.

Sporting orange hair, 19-year-old Ando’s style consists of a Legenda orange jacket with black harness straps at the back and sides, a black From K To All turtleneck sweater with an orange print at the front, black skinny jeans, and a pair of black sneakers from Asics. Her only accessory is a black cap from XLarge. Never Mind the XU is Ando’s favorite fashion brand, and she listens to Ringo Sheena. Ando is active on Twitter and Instagram.

Lastly, 18-year-old Ritsuki is dressed in a black and red ensemble which features a colorblock varsity jacket from Another Youth, a black kanji print sweater from I Am Not A Human Being over a white turtleneck top, ripped zip up skinny jeans from Codona De Moda, black socks and black platform creepers from Demonia. His accessories – from Another Youth and Vivienne Westwood – include silver hoop earrings, a buckle belt, and a keychain purse with a silver ball chain. Ritsuki told us that his favorite brands are D.T.T.K., Never Mind the XU and 99%IS- and that he loves K-pop music. For his social media updates, follow Ritsuki on Instagram.

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