Harajuku Guys Streetwear Styles w/ Recluse, Nike, Places+Faces, Fendi, Gucci, Prada, Balenciaga, Versace & MISBHV

In Harajuku, we came across this group of guys sporting different street styles. They are, from left to right: 15-year-old Rikiya, 16-year-old Kentaro, 16-year-old Argene, 18-year-old Itsuki, and 17-year-old Yuya. They are all students. Let’s take a look at their individual styles:

Rikiya is wearing a casual vintage outfit that consists of a black shirt, cuffed denim shorts, white Kanji socks, Nike Air Max’97 sneakers, and a green Places+Faces sling bag. His accessories include two sunglasses, silver hoop earrings, a chain necklace, a watch, multiple rings, a black belt, and a silver chain from Daiso. Rikiya loves vintage shops and the music of Migos. He is active on Instagram, follow him!

Orange-haired Kentaro is wearing a black Recluse t-shirt, Fendi logo print pants, leather shoes from Prada, and a Gucci handbag. He accessorized with sunglasses, a lock necklace, a pinkie ring, and a Versace belt. Kentaro’s favorite brand is Recluse and he likes to listen to alternative music.

At the middle, Alan is wearing a black MISBHV t-shirt, Levi’s cuffed denim shorts, black statement sliders from Rick Owens, and a Places+Faces sling bag. He accessorized with a black Balenciaga cap, a lock necklace, and sunglasses hanging from his shorts’ pocket. Alan’s favorite brands are Raf Simons, Balenciaga and Gosha Rubchinskiy. He likes the music of Migos.

Itsuki’s style consists of a blue button down shirt from Carven, black skinny pants, and Dr. Martens shoes. His accessories include white sunglasses, a silver necklace, ear studs, and silver rings. His favorite brand is Recluse.

And lastly, Yuya is sporting a vintage “Seattle Seahawks” t-shirt and matching shorts worn over Adidas trackpants, Comme des Garcons see through polka dot tote bag, and vintage platform boots. His accessories – from Daiso and Kenzo – include a bucket hat, sunglasses, earrings, a lock necklace, bracelet and silver rings. Yuya’s favorite brands are Kinji, Dog Harajuku and Faith Tokyo. Follow him on Instagram.

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