Harajuku Streetwear Style w/ Braids, PPFM Torn Shirts, Plaid Pants, Pinnap, Adidas & Knuckleduster Belt

While taking a stroll along the streets of the Harajuku neighborhood, we met Kazuto, a 19-year-old cook, club and apparel staffer whose streetwear ensemble caught our eye on the street.

Kazuto – sporting a braided ponytail – is dressed in a black resale coat with zipper trims, worn over a pink distressed torn shirt and purple shirt from PPFM. He styled his layered tops with resale cuffed plaid pants, black suede boots from Adidas, and a resale black waist bag slung over his shoulder. Accessories – some from Pinnap – include mismatched earrings, a studded pendant necklace, a brown leather belt with a knuckleduster buckle, and multiple silver knuckle rings.

Comme des Garcons, Y’s, Oversea & Mihara Yasuhiro are some of Kazuto’s favorite fashion brands, and he enjoys the music of KZM, Lil Peep, Ghost Man & XXX. Follow Kazuto on Instagram.

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