Shoushi’s Harajuku Streetwear Style w/ WIA, Current Mood, Fenty & Diminish

We spotted Shoushi, who was difficult to miss with their blue hair and bright yellow outfit.

Shoushi took on the athleisure trend with a yellow WIA ensemble. It consisted of a turtleneck sweater with ribbed trims and black lettering on the front. They paired it with quilted pants, which featured ribbed cuffs and black lettering down one leg. Shoushi styled them with black stockings and dark blue Fenty slippers. They completed their look with a Diminish choker, a black Current Mood handbag with flame print, black lipstick, and funky nail art.

Shoushi likes shopping at Freak City and listening to music from Brooke Candy. For more on Shoushi, check out Shoushi on Instagram.

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