Harajuku Streetwear Styles w/ Faith Tokyo, M.Y.O.B., IKEA, Demonia, Joyrich, Kinji, Ellesse, Kobinai & Balmain

While walking at night along the street in Harajuku, we met this group of guys and girls who caught our eye with their interesting street styles. From left to right, they are: Sarah , a 17-year-old student; Saki, a 15-year-old student; Rin, an artist; Kenken, a 16-year-old dancer; and Omeme, a 16-year-old dancer. Let’s check what they’re all wearing:

Sarah is wearing a Faith Tokyo yellow cropped top, Faith Tokyo frayed denim shorts, knee-high lace up boots from Demonia, and a resale floral print sling bag. Her accessories include a rainbow choker necklace, and a silver belt. Sarah’s favorite brand is M.Y.O.B. and she likes the music of G-Dragon. Follow her on Instagram.

Purple-haired Saki’s ensemble consists of a cropped sweatshirt from M.Y.O.B., Joyrich zebra print pants, Demonia platform shoes, and an IKEA sling bag. Her accessories include WEGO sunglasses, and a black grommet belt. Her favorite brand is M.Y.O.B. and she listens to the music of Tokyo Gegegay, G-Dragon, Big Bang and iKon. Follow Saki on Instagram.

At the middle, Rin’s look features a white oversized tshirt, printed pants from Kinji, Fig & Viper platform shoes, and a resale Ellesse sling bag. She accessorized with Kobinai sunglasses and a black choker. Rin likes resale shops and the music of TLC and Lauren Hill. Rin is active on Instagram.

Pink-haired Kenken is wearing a Balmain long sleeve shirt, black and white pants, black Nike Air sneakers, and a black backpack. His accessories include a handmade red belt worn as tie, and a Never Mind the XU safety pin earring. Kenken’s favorite brand is Never Mind the Xu and he likes the music of Beyonce and Atarashii Gakkou no Leaders. He is active on Twitter, follow him!

And finally at the right-most side, blonde-haired Omeme is wearing a black hoodie shirt from WEGO, printed shorts, and red high top sneakers from Converse. He accessorized with a blue beanie hat, WEGO sunglasses, and beaded bracelets. Omeme’s favorite brand is WEGO and he likes the music of E-Girls. Follow him on Instagram.

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