Harajuku Streetwear Styles w/ Burberry, Another Youth, Balenciaga, Opening Ceremony, Live in the Moment, Dim E Cres, Kinji & LT Tokyo

While in Harajuku, we met Akira, an 18-year-old student and Kousei, a 19-year-old student. These Harajuku guys caught our eye with their bob hairstyles and modern streetwear looks.

At the left, Akira’s outfit consists of a houndstooth blazer from Burberry over a zipper sweatshirt from Another Youth, vintage black pants, Balenciaga sock trainers, and a black tote bag from Opening Ceremony, and a purple belt from Live in the Moment. His favorite fashion brands are Balenciaga and Gucci, and he likes to listen to The Chainsmokers and Seventeen. Akira is active on Instagram.

And at the right, blonde-haired Kousei is wearing a pinstripe button up shirt, cropped denim pants from H&M, black loafers from Hare, and a vintage leather tote bag. His accessories include an IKEA belt from LT Tokyo, leather choker and wristband from Dim E Cres, and rings from Kinji & Chicago. Kousei’s favorite brands are Dim E Cres and Vei-8, and he listens to BTS and Block B.

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