Harajuku Streetwear w/ The Cure Band T-Shirt, Harley Davidson, Nakid x G.V.G.V. & Banny Store

While in Harajuku, we spotted Taiki, a 19-year-old Japanese student who is regularly featured on our street snaps. He was riding a retro Razor scooter.

Today, Taiki’s streetwear outfit features an orange cropped sweatshirt from Harley Davidson over a black vintage The Cure band t-shirt, yellow zipper pants from Nakid by G.V.G.V., Adidas socks, black sneakers, and a sling bag from Banny Store Harajuku. His accessories include sunglasses and silver hoop earrings.

Taiki’s favorite fashion brand is Sprout 2nd and his loves the music of Suchmos. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

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