Harajuku Streetwear Looks w/ Vetememes Oversized Hoodie & Vetememes Raincoat, Open The Door & Gucci

Megumi and Takumi are two Japanese students who we ran into on the street in Harajuku.

Megumi – a fashionable 14-year-old who we often see on the street – is wearing an oversized Vetememes hoodie with Open The Door tall lace up platform boots. Accessories – most of which came from vintage shops – include a knit cap, white sunglasses, a chain necklace with pendent, and an Artisan&Artist crossbody bag with a giant safety pin charm. Megumi is active on both Instagram and Twitter if you would like to know more about her daily street styles.

Takumi – 17 years old – is wearing a long hooded Vetememes raincoat over a Vetememes metal logo t-shirt, black skinny zipper pants, and flame print Converse high top sneakers. Accessories include a black face mask, a chunky chain necklace, an ankh necklace, and a Gucci crossbody bag with sunglasses attached. His favorite shop is the Harajuku streetwear boutique Nubian. Follow Takumi on Instagram or Twitter for more fashion pictures.

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