Harajuku Streetwear Style w/ Zigzag Shirt, Silver Jewelry, Shin Ruffle Bag & Maison Margiela Boots

Meet Yuto, a 16-year-old student we bumped into on the streets of Harajuku one afternoon.

Sporting a blonde bob, Yuto stepped out in a purple resale long-sleeved shirt with a zigzag pattern and floral prints, resale pants in a dark blue hue, which he tucked into black boots with bright yellow laces from Maison Margiela. Silver jewelry such as a spider pendant necklace, a chain bracelet, and a couple of knuckle rings adorned his style. A red braided belt, and a red ruffle handbag from Shin rounded out his street style.

For more of Yuto’s eclectic streetwear styles, check him out on Instagram.

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