Harajuku Style w/ Twin Neon Tails, Rose Eye Patch, Bodyline Ruffle Skirt, Ali Express Sheer Tights, Kiki2 Backpack, Daiso, Aika Electronics Bracelet & Furry Sandals

Easily catching our eye with her neon yellow hair and white streetwear style with pastel accents is Legisr, a 23-year-old marketing intern.

Legisr’s all white outfit consists of a button down shirt with rolled-up sleeves, tucked into a lace-up ruffle skirt from Bodyline. She also donned sheer tights with graphic eye prints from Ali Express, stepped into pink furry sandals with glitter straps, and finished off her style with a purple printed backpack from Kiki2. She styled her hair up in twin tails, and embellished her style with a handmade rose eye patch, a clear choker, hand bandages from Daiso, an electronic chip bracelet from Aika Electronics, and a cute ring.

ACDC Rag & Drug Honey are two of Legisr’s favorite fashion brands, and she enjoys listening to visual kei Hyde and Sleepyhead.

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