Colorful Harajuku Street Style w/ Tall Mohawk, Blue Lipstick, World’s End Blazer, Fishnets, Leg Harness & Vivienne Westwood x Buffalo Platform Strap Boots

Here’s Kifujin, a Japanese vintage fashion buyer and model we often feature on our Harajuku street snaps.

This day, Kifujin stepped out in an eye-catching streetwear style with his blue tall mohawk hairstyle. His outfit consists of a red Vivienne Westwood World’s End blazer, fingerless knit gloves, black denim shorts over hot pink tights, and purple fishnets. Kifujin stepped into a pair of Vivienne Westwood x Buffalo platform strap boots, and embellished his look with accessories – mostly from Vivienne Westwood World’s End – such as silver half heart earrings, a white and red leather choker, and black leather leg harness. In addition, he is carrying a black tote bag.

For more of Kifujin’s statement streetwear styles, follow him on Instagram.

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