Harajuku Trio in Dark vs Colorful Styles w/ Comme des Garcons, Faith Tokyo, Yosuke, WEGO, Regal & Vintage Fashion

While we were walking along the street in Harajuku, we spotted 18-year-old Ryuga (left), 19-year-old Ranochan (at the middle), and 18-year-old Saki (right). Let’s take a look at their styles:

Ryuga’s all black ensemble features a black coat over a collar shirt and cropped pants, all from Comme des Garcons. Black socks, Regal dress shoes, and a tote bag complete his outfit. He likes the music of Suchmos. Follow him on Instagram.

At the middle, Ranochan is wearing a vintage purple kimono dress over a black lace top, fishnet stockings, Yosuke platform boots and a ruffle backpack from Wego. Her accessories include a black beret, a wide o-ring belt, silver ear studs, and a black flower bracelet. She likes to listen to Band Ja Naimon! Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

And finally at the right, Saki’s look consists of a floral print jacket over a blue blouse, both resale, a plaid skirt from Faith Tokyo, blue socks, a canvas tote bag and loafers from Coach.

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