Harajuku Street Styles w/ Goggles, Lace Gloves, Remake & Vintage Fashion, Yosuke, Nondisclothes & Bubbles

We met 18-year-old Japanese students Shiori, Kaede, and Dai on the street in Harajuku.

On the left is Shiori with green hair and a remake black top with ripped details and a printed panel on the bodice. She also wore GU denim jeans with the cuffs rolled up, revealing purple boots from Yosuke with black laces and platforms. Twin tails, sheer purple lace gloves, an assortment of rings, and big goggles hanging around her neck finished off her look. Shiori loves shopping at The Mondays and Alexander McQueen. She also enjoys music from Big Bang, Haon, Sik-K, and Zion.T. Follow Shiori on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Kaede wore a vintage pink floral dress with ruffle tiers over a black T-shirt from Nondisclothes. She also wore black socks with pink ribbon trims and black buckled platform shoes from Bubbles. Her accessories – most of them vintage – include sheer black lace gloves, a black grommet belt, a facial piercing, and large goggles hanging around her neck. As for her favorites, Kaede loves shopping at ESC Studio and listening to music from Kid Milli. Keep up with her social media updates on Instagram.

Finally, in the middle is Dai with orange hair. They wore a vintage pinstriped button-down top under a vintage black dress with spaghetti straps and tiered ruffles. Dai also styled them with black floral print flared pants from Forever 21 and black platform shoes from Yosuke. Twin tails, glossy lips, and large black goggles completed their look. For more on Dai, follow them on Instagram.

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