Harajuku Street Styles Blue Hair vs. Goth Fashion w/ Rick Owens, Rowan, To Alice, GLP, Limi Feu, Hangry&Angry, Hellcat Punks & Yosuke

Catching our eye on the Harajuku street are Yukachin and TKMĀ®freedom, a Japanese streetwear fashion designer.

Sporting long blue unruly hair with a black headwrap, TKM is dressed in a distressed streetwear style. It consists of an asymmetric multi-fabric jacket from Rick Owens, which features long distressed leather lapels. He paired his outerwear with a Rowan graphic print top and a black crumpled short skirt worn over a long skirt, creating a layered effect. Both skirts are from Limi Feu. He finished off his style with a pair of black Rick Owens x Adidas Tech Runner boots in calf leather. Black eye make-up over a white face, a printed belt, and multiple silver armor rings rounded out his eye-catching style. TKM listens to Japanese rock band, X Japan, and he is active on Twitter and Instagram. Also check out his own brand!

Meanwhile, Yukachin stepped out in a black-and-red color-coordinated gothic outfit, which features a To Alice black shearling top. The top is styled with a red sailor collar with a dark blue stripe, a red bow with black paw prints, flared sleeves and contrast red stripe trims. She wore a black sweatshirt underneath, and styled her tops with a plaid ruffle skirt with sheer black trims from GLP. Black-and-red striped thigh high socks, black platform creepers with green constrast stitching and accents from Yosuke, and a monochrome cat print backpack with ruffle edges and lace-up detail from Hangry & Angry completed her ensemble. Yukachin styled twin tails with red polka dot bows with eye ball accents, and accessorized her look with a red belt choker from Hellcat Punks, and multiple cute knuckle rings. Yukachin is also active on Instagram.

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