Harajuku Students in Matching Sukajan Jackets by One Spo, Bubbles Tokyo & WEGO

In Harajuku, we met 13-year-old students Shiori, Riri and Harurun sporting matching Japanese souvenir jackets and berets.

Shiori (left) is wearing a black hoodie underneath a black and white sukajan jacket, both from One Spo, and black platform shoes from Bubbles. Accessories include a black mini backpack and black beret, both also from One Spo. Shiori’s favorite brands include One Spo and Chubby Gang and she likes the music of Kanjani Eight. She is active on Instagram.

At the right, curly-haired Riri’s outfit consists of the same black hoodie and sukajan jacket from One Spo, black tights, and pink Converse sneakers. One Spo accessories such as a black beret and mini-backpack complete her look. Riri’s favorite brand is Stussy. Follow her on Instagram for her personal snaps.

In the middle, Harurun’s outfit includes the black hoodie and sukajan jacket from One Spo, mini backpack and beret, also from One Spo, ruffle socks and black and white platform shoes from WEGO. Harurun’s favorite brands are Bubbles and WEGO. She likes listening to Johnny’s. Follow her on Instagram!

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