Harajuku Teen Girl Squad in Modern Japanese Streetwear Styles

While walking around the Harajuku streets one afternoon, we came upon this group of teen girls, who are all wearing their own takes on black street fashion. Let’s take a look at their individual looks:

At the far left is 16-year-old Miyu, who is wearing a monochrome print outfit consisting of a black vintage vest over a striped sweatshirt, black baggy pants from Faith Tokyo, and Demonia platform boots. Her accessories – handmade and from Forever21 – include layered collar necklaces, layered black and white grommet belts, a wallet chain, and she is wearing a purple sling bag from Faith Tokyo. Miyu’s favorite brands are Faith Tokyo and Never Mind the XU. Follow Miyu on Instagram.

Next is Kunieda – 17-years-old – whose style features a leather jacket from Bubbles, an Eria/Area cropped lace up top over a fishnet turtleneck shirt, and red camouflage print pants from Rothco. She paired her outfit with Bubbles platform zipper boots and a black 99%IS- belt bag. For her accessories (from Forever21 and vintage/resale pieces), Kaho wore a blue leather beret with red stitch details, silver ear cuffs, red hoop earrings, an o-ring choker and ball chain collar necklace, and a silver wallet chain. Her favorite labels are Faith Tokyo and M.Y.O.B NYC. Kunieda is active on Instagram.

Sporting fishnet stockings and a braided hairstyle, 16-year-old Ema’s outfit features a Rebertas black jacket over a black vintage Rugrats t-shirt, a gold metallic belt, a pink vinyl skirt from Peco Club, black socks with red contrast trim, platform lace up shoes from Yosuke, and a white Oh Pearl sling bag with red straps. Ema’s favorite fashion brand/shop is Kinji Harajuku. For her social media updates, follow Ema on Instagram.

Wearing oversized hoop earrings, 17-year-old Mitsuki’s look features a vintage denim jacket with patches, which she wore over a More Than Dope cropped vest and fishnet top, pink camouflage print pants from Rothco, platform lace up boots from Skyroom, and a Places + Faces black sling bag with a front mesh zipper pocket. Her accessories – from Never Mind the XU and Faith Tokyo – include oversized silver hoop earrings, a silver flower pendant necklace, and a black grommet belt. Mitsuki likes to shop at Places + Faces and Kappa, and she enjoys the music of Yurufuwa Gang.

With braided twin tails, 14-year-old Megumi’s style consists of a vintage acid wash denim jacket over a white t-shirt, a black skirt, thigh high black and white striped socks, knee high lace up boots from Open The Door, and a purple sling bag from Faith Tokyo. Her accessories – from Forever21 – include a double layer chain necklace, a black grommet belt, and a silver wallet chain. Faith Tokyo, Open The Door, and WEGo are Megumi’s favorite brands. Check out Megumi on Instagram.

Lastly, 14-year-old Kaya is wearing an Adidas colorblock jacket, which she wore over a black WEGO shirt and leather zip up skirt, black thigh high socks, and Bubbles platform lace up boots. She accessorized with a black beret, a leather spike choker, star drop earrings, and a black grommet belt. Faith Tokyo is Kaya’s favorite fashion brand. For more on Saya, follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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