Harajuku Teen Trio in Cute Winter Fashion Styles w/ Anap Girl, Thank You Mart, Lovetoxic, H&M, Gap, GU, WC, Nike, Asoko, Repipi Armario, Adidas, Zara & New Balance

While walking along a busy intersection in the Harajuku neighborhood, we met this trio of teenage girls who easily caught our attention with their cute winter outfits. They are Kohaku, Miu, and Luna.

At the left sporting twin half buns, Kohaku’s style features a purple and yellow varsity jacket from Anap Girl, a black Lovetoxic t-shirt, a camouflage print skirt from Repipi Armario, black knee high socks, and Nike leather sneakers. Her accessories – some from Asoko – include gold hoop earrings, a plaid scarf, and white fuzzy knit gloves. She finished her look with cream tote bag from Thank You Mart which features a see through front pocket. Kohaku told us that her favorite brand is Repipi Armario, and that she likes the music of Generations From Exile Tribe.

Miu is wearing a navy blue bomber jacket from Gap over a white GU fuzzy sweater, Zara plaid pants, and two-tone sneakers from New Balance. She is carrying a pink WC backpack, a yellow tote bag from Thank You Mart, and gray fuzzy knit gloves from Asoko. She loves to shop at Lovetoxic, and listens to Generations From Exile Tribe.

Meanwhile, Luna’s outfit features a red zip-up sweater and skinny jeans, both of which are from H&M, and white Adidas sneakers. She accessorized with a gray fringed scarf from Thank You Mart, black fuzzy knit gloves from Asoko, and she is carrying a black backpack. Luna’s favorite fashion brands are Zara and H&M, and she enjoys the music of Ariana Grande. Follow Luna on Instagram.

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