Harajuku Teens in Colorful Street Styles w/ Kinji Vintage, RRR, King Family, WEGO & Yosuke

Haruna, Mawoni, Miori, and Billi Mayu are a group of Japanese students we often see around the streets of Harajuku.

Haruna – 15 years old on the left – is wearing a black jacket over a button up Playboy shirt, gray distressed shorts, Supreme socks, and WEGO platform sneakers. Her bag is by Adidas and she’s also wearing a neck tie and red sunglasses. Haruna’s favorite shop is Faith Tokyo and she listens to Black Pink. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

Mawoni – 15 years old in blue and red – is wearing a red Ferrari top that she got as a gift with blue and red Ennerre pants from the vintage shop King Family and patent zipper boots also from King Family. Accessories – some of which she got as gifts – include a studded belt, safety pin belt, leather harness, and a Do.RAUDRUPPU crossbody bag from King Family. Her favorite shop is the Harajuku vintage shop Kinji and she likes the music of Kiss. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter too.

Miori – 16 years old with a cute braids hairstyle – is wearing a black leather jacket from the Tokyo resale shop 2nd Street over a red top from Kinji Harajuku (vintage), a ruffle leather skirt that she got from her mother, and platform Yosuke shoes. Accessories include costume rings from Kinji, a fidget spinner, safety glasses, and a plush bag from the kawaii Japanese fashion brand Swimmer Japan. Her favorite shop is Kinji Harajuku and she likes the music of Lady Gaga. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

Billi Mayu – 15 years old on the right with amazing eye makeup and a shaved hairstyle – is wearing a colorful jacket from Aiba Runa’s brand RRR by Sugar Spot Factory over a Mount Rushmore shirt that he got as a gift, pink belted pants (also a gift), and patent heeled boots from Forever 21. Accessories – most of which are vintage – include a leather choker, chain necklaces, lock necklace, zipper and hoop earrings, a Gucci belt buckle, a colorful customized backpack (with a G-Dragon pin), and a chain bag that he bought at a local shop. His favorite fashion brand is Rocket x Lunch and he likes the music of Big Bang. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter as well.

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