Harajuku Girls in Trendy Street Styles w/ Bubbles, Oh Pearl, Faith Tokyo, Funktique & Kiloshop

While we were walking along the street in Harajuku, our attention was caught by these four girls sporting colorful and trendy Japanese street styles. From left to right, they are: Moa, an 18-year-old student; Hitomi, a 16-year-old student; Gawa, an 18-year-old student; and Asahi, a 17-year-old student. Let’s take a look at the details of their outfits:

Moa is wearing a black H&M tank top under a white A.D.G. satin shirt, a checkerboard print skirt from Spinns, an Oh Pearl see through bag, and platform lace up shoes from Bubbles. Her accessories – some from Faith Tokyo – include silver hoop earrings, a heart necklace, a black grommet belt, and silver rings. Moa’s favorite brands are 7% More Pink, Bubbles and Faith Tokyo. Follow Moa on Instagram.

Hitomi’s outfit consists of a white sleeveless top from H&M, vintage black pleated pants, platform zipper heels from Forever21, and a metallic sling bag from H&M. Her accessories from H&M include a silver necklace and a pink grommet belt. Hitomi’s favorite shops/brands are Kinji and Calvin Klein and she likes the music of One Direction. She is active on Instagram.

Wearing a green cap, Gawa’s ensemble features a striped knit top from Kiloshop Tokyo, vintage black pants, Converse sneakers, and a purple mesh sling bag from Funktique. Her accessories – from Oh Pearl – include a green cap, a gold heart pendant necklace, and a black belt. She loves to shop at Oh Pearl and the music of One Direction. Follow Gawa on Instagram.

Lastly, on the right most side, Asahi is sporting layered lingerie as outerwear fashion with layered lacy lingerie over a floral print long sleeve top, a long denim remake skirt, green platform heels, and a chained bag. Her accessories include an orange knit hat, orange hoop earrings, and flower sunglasses. Asahi’s favorite brand is Fuzz! and she listens to the music of Morning Musume. For her social media updates, follow Asahi on Instagram and Twitter.

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