Harajuku Trio in Sukajan, Faith Tokyo Pants, Woolrich Houndstooth Suit, Undercover Blazer, Noir Kei Ninomiya Plastic Collar & Prada Wingtip Sneakers

While out for a walk on the streets of the Harajuku neighborhood, we came across Kazuya, Yuuki and Afreen, a trio of stylishly-dressed young people. Let’s take a closer look at their individual ensembles:

At the left is Afreen, sporting long and curly dip-dyed hair. The 21-year-old student is wearing a resale colorblocked sukajan with contrast stripe trims and dragon embroidery. She styled her sukajan with a black bow blouse and grey pinstripe pants from Faith Tokyo, which features camouflage print zippered side panels and silver chains. She finished off her style with black Dr. Martens boots with black chain trims, purple-tinted sunglasses, a silver lip ring, an o-ring belt and a vintage cocktail ring. Afreen’s fashion favorite is M.Y.O.B., and she likes listening to the music of Vixx and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. For more on Afreen, follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Curly-haired Kazuya – at the middle – is clad in a red-and-black ensemble which consists of a red-and-black houndstooth print suit from Woolrich. He styled his suit with a black t-shirt from Peek And Peekend, and a pair of black wingtip sneakers from Prada. Accessories – some from Gucci – include a neck scarf, a black leather belt, a silver watch, and a gold bee cocktail ring. M.Y.O.B. is one of Kazuya’s favorite fashion labels, and he loves the music of Mono No Aware. Kazuya is also active on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Yuuki – a 21-year-old MYOB NYC staff – is dressed in a dark grey linen blazer with contrast black trims from Undercover, a beige ribbed turtleneck top from Zara, and black denim ripped jeans from H&M. Pointy leather zip-up boots with cone heels from Zara, and accessories – some from Noir Ke Ninomiya – include a leather newsboy cap, round sunglasses, a plastic collar with braided trims and harness, and multiple rings. In addition, Yuuki is carrying a black crocodile leather handbag. Growing Pains is Yuuki’s favorite brand, and she listens to rock music. Follow Yuuki on Instagram.

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