Harajuku Girls in Vintage & Antique Street Styles w/ Tokyo Bopper, Favorite Bear, A Land, Hey Q & Handmade Fashion

In a recent outing on the Harajuku streets, we came upon Kasumi and Teiyu, students who caught our eye with their vintage and antique Japanese street styles, which we do not see too often these days.

Curly-haired Kasumi – 18-years-old – is wearing a lace dress with an asymmetrical hem, which she bought in Koenji, white ruffle socks, and white sneakers from Tokyo Bopper. She is carrying a ruffle lace bag with a plushie bear embellishment from Favorite Bear, and she accessorized with a lace headpiece tied at the neck, and lace gloves, both of which are also from Favorite Bear. Comyu and Kiki2 are two of Kasumi’s favorite brands, while she likes to listen to the music of AAA and Sky-Hi. Follow her on Instagram.

And at the right, 20-year-old Teiyu is dressed in a Hey Q nude dress tied at the shoulders with black tassels and an asymmetrical ruffle hem, which she wore over a white t-shirt from A Land. Blue printed socks, Tokyo Bopper platform sneakers, a green beret, and a handmade braided drawstring bag with a dog plushie completed Teiyu’s outfit. Punk Cake is one of Teiyu’s favorite fashion brands and she enjoys the music of Spitz. For her social media updates, follow Teiyu on Instagram.

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