Harajuku Duo in Vintage Fashion w/ Comme des Garcons, Tokyo Bopper & an/eddy x nakamura coubou

We met Takeru, a student, Consaki, a specialty school student, on the street in Harajuku. Takeru is clad in a black and white ensemble while Consaki is sporting a red and black outfit.

Consaki’s red and black look consists of a vintage/resale red Chinese collar blouse on top of a black undershirt, a black coat, a black Comme des Garcons Comme des Garcons cropped pants, black lace socks, and black Tokyo Bopper bijou shoes. Her accessories – from an/eddy x nakamura coubou – include a pair of statement earrings and a red beaded flower ring. She is carrying a black Kastane backpack. Consaki loves Comme des Garcons and listens to the music of Quruli. Follow her on Instagram for her personal snaps.

Takeru’s black and white outfit consists of used/resale pieces such as a black tang jacket, black pleated pants, and white clog shoes. His favorite brand/shop is Undercover and he loves the music of Bruno Mars. Takeru is active on Instagram.

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