Harajuku Vintage & Handmade Lolita Fashion w/ Grapes Headdress, Pays Des Fees, Nice Claup & Milk

We stumbled upon Rika, whose all white Lolita style caught our attention in Harajuku.

The 25-year-old web designer wore a long vintage dress with three-quarter sleeves and ruffle trims. She wore it under a Pays Des Fees sheer white floral lace top and a corset belt with a multicolored graphic print. Rika also wore glitter shoes with bow details from Nice Claup and carried a vintage handbag with floral embroidery. Her accessories – some of which are handmade and from Milk – include an assortment of statement rings, several beaded bracelets, a fuzzy white plushie attached to her bag, and a large pearl necklace. Rika also wore a white floral lace headdress adorned with grapes, which matched her other grape accessories such as a bracelet and a brooch. Glossy pink lips and long grey curls with bangs finished off her look.

Rika gets her style inspiration from Victorian Maiden, and she loves listening to music from Perfume and Suchmos. She is active on Instagram and Twitter.

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