Harajuku Vintage Pastel Fashion w/ Anutrof, Yakusoku, Tokyo Bopper, Melange & Vintage Jewelry

Meet Koume, a 19-year-old student who caught our eye on the Harajuku street with her pastel and lace fashion style.

Koume – sporting pink curly twin tails – is wearing a tan quilted jacket with fur collar and cuffs from Anutrof, which she wore over a beige lace corset top and a lavender lace and ruffle dress from Yakusoku. Purple lace socks over white bow print stockings, platform ankle wrap shoes from Tokyo Bopper, and a purple floral print tote bag with fuzzy hem from Melange completed her outfit. Koume accessorized with vintage pieces such as a lace veil hat, pearl earrings, a lace choker, a pendant necklace layered with a rosary necklace, a pearl bracelet, stacked bracelets, a cross ring, and flower rings.

Koume’s favorite fashion brands are Anutrof and Barrack Room, and she likes the music of Seiko Oomori. For more on her vintage and pastel styles, follow Koume on Twitter and Instagram.

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