Harajuku Guys w/ Pink Hair, W.I.A Jackets, Nikki Lipstick, KTZ & Damage x OS Accessories

Shoshipoyo and Yana are two of the most “next level” guys on the streets of Harajuku over the last year. They always stand out, as you probably know from our numerous snaps of them.

Shoshipoyo – with pink braids on the left – is a fashion business student. In addition to his striking hair and makeup, Shoshipoyo’s look features an oversized W.I.A Collections bomber jacket over a KTZ top, faux leather pants from Bubbles Harajuku, and Buffalo platform shoes. Accessories include numerous piercings, a fur choker from Pin Nap Harajuku, several armor rings, and a KTZ tote bag. Shoshipoyo’s favorite place to shop is Dog Harajuku and he’s also a fan of Die Antwoord. For more pictures, find him on Twitter or Instagram.

Yana – with the white furry hat – is wearing also wearing an oversized W.I.A Collections bomber jacket. Other items in his look include a W.I.A graphic top, black shorts, Style Icon Tokyo “Psycho” socks, and YRU platforms. Yana has accessorized with a bone choker necklace remake OS Accessories x DAMAGE and a hot pink Nikki Lipstick tote bag. Yana’s favorite brand is W.I.A and he likes the music of Miliyah Kato. For more info, find him on Twitter or Instagram.

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