Harajuku Yukata Street Styles w/ Pink Hair, Sailor Moon & Thrasher

We ran into kimono-wearing Urumi (a model) and Kenji (a model and choreographer), on the street in Harajuku. They are producers of the streetwear brand Fresh Anti Youth.

Kenji is wearing a blue yukata with gorgeous fish and water illustration, a gold and black obi belt, black tabi shoes, and a Thrasher belt bag. His favorite brands are M.Y.O.B. and UNIF. For more of his info, follow him on Instagram.

In addition to her braided pink twin tails, Urumi’s ensemble features a black and orange flower print yukata, a wide obi belt, lace socks, geta sandals and a Sailor Moon canvas tote bag. Her accessories include a head dress, silver hoop earrings, and a Sailor Moon watch. Urumi’s favorite brands are Stussy, Supreme, M.Y.O.B. NYC and Bubbles Harajuku. Follow her on Instagram.

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