HEIHEI Harajuku Style w/ Skeleton Rabbit Sweatshirt, Plaid Bow, Plaid Beret, Plaid Skirt & Tokyo Bopper

Mami is a 19-year-old Japanese girl who works for the Harajuku fashion brand HEIHEI. We spotted her on the street in Harajuku, not far from the HEIHEI boutique inside of the LaForet department store.

Mami’s look features a HEIHEI sweatshirt with a rabbit skeleton embroidered on the front, a plaid HEIHEI midi skirt, maroon tights, Tokyo Bopper platforms, a HEIHEI tote bag, a plaid HEIHEI bow, and a plaid HEIHEI beret.

Mami’s favorite fashion brand is HEIHEI. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter for more of her fashion.

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