HEIHEI Streetwear Style in Tokyo w/ Twin Tails, Plaid Beret, Babydoll Dress, Milk Plaid Bag & Tokyo Bopper Bow Shoes

In Harajuku, we came across Ayami, the 21-year-old HEIHEI staffer we often feature on our street snaps section.

Sporting brown twin tails with fringed bangs, Ayami is clad in a black babydoll dress from HEIHEI, which features white ruffle trims and a printed bodice patch. White socks with red bows, black Tokyo Bopper bow shoes, and a red plaid sling bag with white lace ruffles from Milk rounded out her look. A red HEIHEI plaid beret and a wristwatch are the finishing touches to her style.

Japanese fashion brand, HEIHEI, is Ayami’s favorite, and she is active on Instagram.

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