HEIHEI Streetwear Style w/ Plaid Beret, Gingham Bow, Pearl Barrettes, Floral Dress, Tote Bag & Tokyo Bopper Shoes

We street snapped Maimai, an apparel industry insider we often see in Harajuku.

Sporting ash blonde twin tails with short bangs, Maimai is dressed in a floral print dress from HEIHEI, which features a ruffled bib collar and a tiered hem. She wore the dress over a sheer white long sleeve lace top, donned white ruffle ankle socks over white stockings and stepped into red Tokyo Bopper shoes with cutout florets. Maimai embellished her look with a red HEIHEI plaid beret with a gingham bow at the back, pearl hair barrettes, earrings, a multi-strand pearl necklace and a cocktail ring. In addition, she is carrying a red tote bag, also from HEIHEI.

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