Heterophobia x Dog Harajuku Fashion w/ Juvenile Hall Rollcall, HOSOI & Demonia

We ran into Void, Yusuke, and Fuzzy outside of the famous Dog Harajuku boutique during the popup shop of the Finnish fashion brand Heterophobia (by Antti Asplund).

Void – on hte left with long black hair – is wearing an oversized Heterophobia top with Dolce & Gabbana zipper pants and Demonia platform boots. His accessories – which include various piercings – are from Garni. Find Void on Instagram.

Yusuke – in the middle with the head and neck tattoos – is wearing a Heterophobia top with Juvenile Hall Roll Call spiderweb shorts and Christian Hosoi Vans sneakers. Accessories – some of which came from Heroine – include piercings and a large Vivienne Westwood logo necklace. His favorite brand is Jammru. Find him on Instagram.

Fuzzy – on the right with red and black hair – is wearing a Heterophobia top with No Attack pants and Tobizaru boots. His favorite shops include Dog Harajuku and Uggla and he likes the music of Dubwise. Both Fuzzy and Uggla are on Instagram.

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