Hikapu in Kawaii Pink Harajuku Street Style w/ Nebaarukun, Swankiss, Last Virgin & WC

Hikapu is a popular Japanese fashion model and entertainer who we often see around the streets of Harajuku. Her kawaii pink style and pink hair make her easy to spot just about anywhere.

When we ran into Hikapu this time, she was carrying a cute Nebaarukun plush doll. In addition to Nebaarukun, Hikapu was wearing an oversized Swankiss knit sweater over a red plaid WC top and collar, pink Onitsuka Tiger retro sneakers, and a Last Virgin heart purse.

Hikapu told us that her favorite fashion features Kumatan and that she enjoys listening to the music of Black Pink. Follow her on Instagram or Twitter for more kawaii fashion photos.

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