Horned Harajuku Girl in Gothic Lolita Fashion vs. Angelic Pretty Street Style

Souka and Nattsu caught our eye on the street in Harajuku wearing Japanese lolita fashion in contrasting gothic and cute styles.

Souka is wearing a gothic lolita dress with a corset waist from the Japanese fashion brand metamorphose temps de fille with a birdcage skirt from Magical Holic, black lace ruffle socks, and gold Baby The Stars Shine Bright lolita shoes. Accessories – most of which came from Alice and The Pirates – include a headpiece with horns, a black lace veil, and black heart handbag from Swimmer Japan. Souka’s favorite fashion brand is Alice and The Pirates and she likes the music of Tsuki Amano. Follow her on Twitter for more gothic lolita pictures.

Nattsu is wearing an Angelic Pretty jumper skirt over a lace top from Innocent World and Axes Femme lolita shoes. Accessories – which came from Angelic Pretty, ToAlice, and Innocent World – include a white lace veil, pretty flower rights, and a white Angelic Pretty heart handbag. Her favorite fashion brands include the Japanese lolita labels Baby The Stars Shine Bright and Innocent World. She likes the music of Kenshi Yonezu. Follow Nattsu on Twitter for more lolita photos.

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