Horned Harajuku Girl in Gothic Lolita Fashion w/ Black Peace Now, Atelier Pierrot, Hamoon & Anna Sui

While out on a recent trip to the streets of Harajuku, we met Saiyo, who caught our eye with her horned gothic Lolita look.

Saiyo’s black and red outfit features a black button down long sleeve ruffle blouse from Black Peace Now, and a red and black tiered ruffle skirt from Atelier Pierrot, a popular Japanese Lolita shop. She cinched her waist with a red and black corset, and she wore black thigh-high socks with red prints to go along with her Mary Jane bow shoes. She capped off her ensemble with an Anna Sui leather handbag, and accessories such as a cute umbrella, a horns headdress, and a gemstone cocktail ring, some of which are from Hamoon.

Her favorite music artists are Japanese recording duo, Ali Project. Follow Saiyo on Twitter.

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