Hyper Core Graphic Print Streetwear Style w/ Denim Mask, Hoodie Jacket, Half Print Pants, Milkfed. Backpack & Dr. Martens Boots

Meet Tonkatsu Warrior, a 31-year-old engineer whose black graphic streetwear look easily caught our eye.

Tonkatsu Warrior stepped out in an all black graphic print outfit from Hyper Core consisting of a hoodie jacket, a t-shirt and zippered pants, all with monochrome graphic print motif. Dr. Martens cherry red boots, a black Milkfed. backpack and accessories such as a denim face mask, a gold pendant necklace and a multicolored bead bracelet. Most of his accessories are from Hyper Core.

Hyper Core is one of Tonkatsu Warrior’s favorite fashion labels and he likes the music of Sayuri, Malice Mizer, Jikkendai Morumotto. Check him out on Instagram.

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