Japanese Actor’s Yohji Yamamoto Street Style + Bizenart Face Mask in Harajuku

Shouta Tanaka is a Japanese musician, actor, and model who is well known in the Tokyo street fashion scene. Today, we ran into him on a rainy afternoon in Harajuku.

Shouta is wearing a minimalist monochrome street style with a jacket, top, and pants by legendary Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto. His Bizenart face mask is by the Tokyo tattoo artist Bizen, his bag is vintage, his watch is from YSL, his belt is by Ground Y, and his side laced shoes are also by Yohji Yamamoto.

Shouta’s favorite fashion designer is Yohji Yamamoto and he likes rock music. Follow Shouta on Instagram or Twitter for more of his Tokyo life and unique style.

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