Japanese All White & Decora Streetwear Styles w/ Goggles, Decora Hair Clips, OOTD Japan Shirt, H&M, Jouetie, La Belle Etude Camisole Dress, ACDC Rag, Spinns & Tokyo Bopper

Catching our attention while we were out and about Harajuku are Takenoko and Giovanni, two students sporting modern streetwear styles.

At the left sporting a decora look is 21-year-old Takenoko Horuzo. She is dressed in a white OOTD Japan t-shirt, H&M denim pants with rolled up cuffs, rainbow socks and metallic silver platform boots from ACDC Rag. Takenoko embellished her style with decora accessories, which consists of star goggles, multiple decora hair clips, beaded trims for her twin tails, cute face stickers, another set of goggles on her neck, stacked decora bracelets and multiple rings. In addition, she is carrying a blue patent leather quilted backpack with pink trims from Spinns featuring a Listen Flavor badge. For more of her kawaii style, follow Takenoko Horuzo on Twitter and Instagram.

Meanwhile, Giovanni stepped out in an all white ensemble. The 21-year-old wore a lace collar blouse from Jouetie, a resale skirt, and layered her outfit with a white lace camisole dress with side slits from La Belle Etude. White lace-trimmed socks, chunky suede sneakers from Tokyo Bopper, a fuzzy beret from Kaori No Mori, Honey Salon glitter earrings and a silver chain-strap purse rounded out her style. Giovanni loves to shop at Merry Jenny, and she is also active on Instagram and Twitter.

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