Japanese Artist Bisuko Ezaki & Atch in Aika Electronics Cyber Street Fashion w/ Fotus, Product C, Demonia & New Balance

Catching our attention on the Harajuku street with their futuristic cyber looks are Atch, a web creator and Bisuko Ezaki, the famous Japanese menhera illustrator and manga artist.

At the left is Atch with two-tone pink-and-blue hair. He is dressed in a silver metallic cyber suit from Aika Electronics, which consists of a metallic vest with black trims and matching pants. He wore a blue graphic print shirt and black sweatshirt from Fotus underneath his vest, and finished off his ensemble with metallic lace-up platform shoes from Demonia. In addition, he is carrying an oversized shoulder bag from Fotus. He accessorized his look with red-tinted sunglasses, a Product C scouter, multiple knuckle rings and matching gloves from Aika Electronics. Atch’s favorite fashion brands are Fotus and Cyberdog, and he enjoys the music of X Japan and Hide. Follow Atch on Twitter, Instagram, and check out Aika Electronics’ official website.

Meanwhile, Bisuko stepped out in a pink cyber suit from Aika Electronics, which consists of a vest, a pink tank top underneath, and matching wide leg pants. They stepped into a pair of pink sneakers from New Balance and embellished their look with accessories – from Fotus – such as pink shield visor sunglasses, a pink metallic leather choker with a gold heart center pendant, pink sleeves, and pink cyber gloves. Bisuko Ezaki loves to shop at WC, and they like the music of Tommy February6. For their style feed and social media updates, follow Bisuko on Twitter and Instagram.

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