Japanese Artist Street Style w/ Furry Hat, Adidas Shearling Jacket, Resale Snakeskin Print Shirt, Corduroy Pants & Nike Air Force 1 Independence Day Embossed Sneakers

While out on the streets of Tokyo, we came across Yuta , a Japanese artist clad in a tan ensemble.

In addition to his furry pillbox hat and face mask, Yuta is dressed in a shearling zipper jacket from Adidas, a resale snakeskin print zipper shirt and a black undershirt. He styled his tops with resale tan corduroy pants and stepped into a pair of black Nike Air Force 1 LV8 VT “Independence Day” embossed sneakers to finish off his style.

Yuta loves to shop at resale stores and he loves listening to the music of Taeyo.

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